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5 long cycle routes in Sweden

Kattegattleden, Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle route, along with many others routes and trails, invite you to bike in Sweden with the sun in your face and the wind in your back.
01. Kattegattsleden (370 km)
View from the Kattegattleden trail, in Ugglarp, Falkenberg, Falkenberg
Photo: Magnus Andersson / Region Halland

Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle route Kattegattleden runs on the west coast of Sweden connecting Helsingborg in Skåne, southern Sweden, and Gothenburg in West Sweden. It has a unique coastal setting for biking.

One suggested route is a four day trip from Helsingborg to Båstad, an almost 100 km ride, with the option to spend an extra dag around Kullaberg nature reserve. The Kullaberg area offers a variety of activities, such as hiking and rock climbing on cliffs with peaks soaring up to 187 m above the ocean. After a thrilling ride, the stretch concludes in Båstad, a town famous for its tennis tournaments and great nightlife in the summer with many restaurants. 

Two people sit on a stone pier, their bikes left to the side.
02. Sydostleden (270 km)
Sydostleden, Sölvesborg, Skåne
Photo: Mickael Tannus

While Kattegattleden lets you explore the west coast of Sweden, Sydostleden starts inland in Växjö in Småland, and continues south to the east coast by the Baltic sea. Dotted with small villages and picturesque fishing towns, you will enjoy this route. Many of the small farm shops sell fresh fruit, vegetables and other local produce. For freshly prepared fish and seafood you can make a stop at Buhres restaurant in Kivik and, if you wish to not only eat well but also relax in a spa after pedaling, take a break at Brösarps Gästgivferi & SPA

Make sure not to miss the fantastic scenery of Brösarp hills (Brösarps Backar) and Stenshuvud National Park. In a few years the plan is to connect Kattegattsleden and Sydostleden, giving the experienced biker a chance to do a full round trip of the south of Sweden.

A woman and a man are biking on a gravel path along the coast of Fårö Island.
03. Gotlandsleden (500 km)
Fårö, Gotland
Photo: Michael Jonsson/Folio/

A favorite summer destination for many Swedes is the island of Gotland, and its Gotlandsleden for biking. Nature here is diverse with white soft sandy beaches, impressive sea-stacks, a steep rocky coast line, beautiful meadows, shingle beaches and windswept forests. The trail extends around the entire island of Gotland, from Fårö in the north, the favorite place of director Ingmar Bergman, to the south tip where you find one of the most noted sea-stacks, the "Old Man Hoburg”. 

On your bike you will pass small cafes, farm and crafts shops and flea markets. The white gravel roads of limestone glittering in the sun. Be sure to stop and rest for while in the town of Visby, and take a walk down the narrow cobbled streets. After a meal, watch the sun set over the medieval city walls – an integral part of Visby World Heritage Site.

A man is on a morning bike ride along the water canal in Djurgården city park in Stockholm.
04. Mälardalsleden (440 km)
Canal of Djurgården, Stockholm
Photo: Werner Nystrand/Folio/

The Mälardalen trail connects several major towns, from the capital Stockholm to Södertälje, Eskilstuna, Enköping and Västerås. It is quite easy to ride as it mostly runs along the plains around Lake Mälaren. 

If you bring your own bike with you, this is a very practical option – just book a flight to Arlanda airport, pedal some 10 km, and you’re on the trail! A great place for your first Swedish fika, a coffee with a bun, is Tant Bruns Kaffestuga in Sigtuna.

A man rides a bike on a gravel road with fields on both sides of him.
05. Dalslandsleden (360 km)
Bike ride, Sweden
Photo: Simon Paulin/

This is a very rural trail that starts and ends in Vänersborg. It goes through for example Tresticklan National Park, Kroppefjäll’s mountain landscape and through the Dalbo Plain. 

What to expect? Not much traffic, lots of nature and a landscape that is pretty easy to bike for anyone! 

One of the interesting sights along the route is the the aqueduct and the Dalsland canal, where road, railway and waterway meet. 

Find out more about Dalslandsleden.