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Storytravelers in Sweden
Photo: Storytravelers


Sweden, a little bit different

We sent some travel enthusiasts to Sweden and asked them to share their experiences with us. Scroll down to follow them on their trips around Gothenburg and West Sweden.
"When I think about Sweden... There's a countdown in my heart..."

Follow Lea and Nico from Storytravelers across Sweden where they experienced wild swimming in West Sweden. 

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There's an understated beauty about Sweden that wins you over
Phoebe and Chris from The Curious Collection

Explore Sweden with The Curious Collection

If you’re after a holiday that is a bit left-of-centre, then absolutely Visit Sweden! There’s a bit of everything here, from the cities to the seascapes, it’s impossible not to love this country. Find out more about The Curious Collection's trip around Sweden

Photo: The Curious Collection
Archipelago on the west coast of Sweden, in Fjällbacka.
Photo: The Curious Collection

Gothenburg and West Sweden with The Curious Pear

In film and fiction, there’s no character more enticing than the underdog. And the same goes for cities. While Stockholm is known for being effortlessly cool with its medieval architecture and novel culinary scene, Gothenburg has existed somewhat in its shadow. But just hours after arriving in this compact, laid-back city, we knew it would always be our first choice. Join The Curious Pear on their trip through Gothenburg and West Sweden

Photo: The Curious Pear
View over the rooftops in Gothenburg, Sweden's 2nd largest city
Photo: The Curious Pear