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Red cabin, Finnerödja
Photo: Jonas Forsberg/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se


Sweden, a little bit different

We sent four influencers to Sweden and asked them to share their experiences with us. Follow them on their trips around Malmö, Skåne, Gothenburg and West Sweden. First up Curious Collections' trip!

And then there’s Sweden. When you’ve got all the T-shirts and crossed off every other travel cliché you can handle, you know it’s time to consider a place that tries a little less hard to be a destination. We have no pyramids to marvel at or jungles to explore. We don’t do safaris and we’re not big on bush tucker.

We’re a little bit different. We love good food and living well. We’re always well organised and we like things that work. We’ve got more mountains, water and space than we know what to do with, and an aesthetic to go with it all. Our history is rich but we’re looking to the future.

We could go on but we don’t like to brag. And besides, it’s probably time for our cinnamon bun and coffee break. Let’s just say that Sweden is proud to be the last place that most curious travellers will discover.

Welcome, we’ve been expecting you.

There's an understated beauty about Sweden that wins you over
Phoebe and Chris from Curious Collection