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Large painting of greenery and woods, surrounded by real greenery in a forest in Värmland.
The Mirage by Ringborg at Alma Löv Museum, Värmland
Photo: Alma Löv Museum

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The Alma Löv Museum of Unexp. Art

For a different art experience, visit the Alma Löv Museum, located in the forests of Värmland.

The Alma Löv Museum is a contemporary art museum in the deep forests of Värmland, consisting of a central exhibition hall and ten surrounding pavilions. This low-budget project, with high artistic ambitions, was founded by artist Marc Broos in 1998 and is today run by his daughter Stella Broos. There is also a theatre and a café, open in the summer time.  

Alma Löv, Smedsby 108, 686 96 Östra Ämtervik