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Dining table, couches and a fireplace in the bright living room of Arthotel Tornedalen, Swedish Lapland.
Interior of Arthotel Tornedalen, Swedish Lapland
Photo: Konsthall Tornedalen

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Arthotel Tornedalen

This high end hotel is located in renovated country home on the border to Finland, combining nature, art and culture for a truly unique experience in peaceful surroundings.

The cultural entrepreneur Gunhild Stensmyr is in the process of building a centre for arts and design in Tornedalen, a region with a unique mix of Swedish-Finnish-Sami culture. The first step to be completed is Arthotel Tornedalen, located at the banks of the Torne river with an amazing view across the water to Finland.

Arthotel Tornedalen, Risudden 150, 957 95 Hedenäset

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