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Aerial view of the cultural centre Artipelag in the Stockholm archipelago, surrounded by forest and the archipelago.
Artipelag from above, Stockholm
Photo: Artipelag

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Artipelag, Stockholm

What first strikes you when you get off the ferry at the Artipelag stop on the island of Värmdö in the Stockholm archipelago is the silence.

Just 12 miles from the buzz of central Stockholm, a sanctuary-like landscape unfolds. The rocks, crystal clear sea and pine trees beautifully frame the art gallery that opened in 2012 by the famous “Baby Björn” founder, Björn Jakobson. He decided to make use of his fortune from the baby design company (If you ever wondered why there is a Baby Björn shop inside the gallery!) – and it turned out to be wise one. 

The museum cover 32,000 square feet and the surroundings 54 acres, and the idea was to choose a location that was close to the city but with the characteristics of the Swedish archipelago. Hålludden by Baggen’s Bay was the ideal place and architect Johan Nyrén got the mission to design an art gallery in harmony with the landscape. 

The solution was a building covered in pitched-pine planks, grey concrete and a Sedum-plant covered roof that melts into its surroundings. And it doesn’t stop there: inside the gallery, nature moves inside – the large windows facing the trees and sea make the most stunning art works.