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Torup Castle is a large brick building with a tower on the right. It is surrounded by greenery.
Summer at Torup castle, Skåne, Skåne
Photo: Daniel Karlsson

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Swedish nature and culture in Bokskogen, Torup

Looking for things to do near Malmö? Explore south Swedish nature, visit a historic castle and hit the hiking trails of Bokskogen in Torup.

Bokskogen translates to ‘the beech forest’, which is exactly what it is. It is a great place to explore Swedish nature, however, you will also find a few cultural gems hidden between the beech trees.

There are several hiking trails in Bokskogen, which wind through calm nature, past ponds and lush meadows. Some of the hiking trails are connected to the Skåneleden hiking trail, inviting you to hike even further in the Scanian countryside. You can also cycle between Malmö and Bokskogen via an old railway embankment taking you through the stunning Swedish countryside.

The beautiful nature in Bokskogen might take your breath away, however, don’t miss Torup Castle and its gardens while you’re there. The castle was built in the 16th century and is an excellent example of Swedish architecture and castle design. The museum Statarmuseet and the historical buildings of the area are also well worth a visit.