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Smart Textiles showroom, Borås
Photo: Tina Stafrén/

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Borås - the capital of textiles

Ever heard of clothes measuring your pulse? Or socks that analyse your running stride? The small town of Borås does not only carry a long history of textile and design, it is also where the future of Swedish fashion is shaped.

Known as the capital of textile in Sweden and located only an hour away from Gothenburg, this town is a must-visit if you’re interested in design. In the 19th century almost all of the town’s population dedicated their working life to the textile industry. Today you’ll find the Textile Fashion Centre on the premises of the old weaving factories. 

It is a creative hub for science, education, innovation and business connected to textile and fashion. Browse the exhibitions of the Textile Museum to create, research and experience different types of textiles. Visit Smart textiles to learn more about wearable technology and how smart textiles can facilitate our lives – such as knitted blood vessels used in heart by-passes. Looking for something to bring home? Don’t miss the Fashion Gallery showcasing up-and-coming brands and selling unique items not yet available anywhere else.

Textile Fashion Centre, Skaraborgsvägen 3, Borås  

Check out the No Limit Street Art afterwards

After a day of creativity at Textile Fashion Centre, take a tour around town to see the enormous outdoor gallery, No Limit Street Art, that has swept into town. Streets and squares have been decorated with marvelous street art ranging from huge works covering whole walls to small art gems hidden all over town.