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Haus des Designers, Tånnö, Småland
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Bruno Mathsson Center, Värnamo

Curious about one of the most prominent Swedish furniture designers of all times? Learn more about Bruno Mathsson’s furniture at the Bruno Mathsson Center, and visit the studio and office where he created many of his designs.

Bruno Mathsson presented a new type of furniture design in the 20th century and soon became one of Sweden’s most prominent furniture designers of all times. The chairs he designed became immensely popular and have become icons for Scandinavian design. It is said that his aim was to provide a new way of sitting, suitable for modern times. In the 1940’s Mathsson paid a longer visit to the USA, where he was inspired to build glass houses. When returning home, he built a glass house adjacent to his childhood home, which is now the Bruno Mathsson Center. Visitors are invited into Mathsson’s office and studio, and can visit an exhibition to view the furniture he designed from the 1930’s onwards, which are excellent examples of Swedish design. A guided tour is recommended for the full experience.