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The front of Kalmar Castle is lit up with spotlights, and is surrounded by a twilight sky and the dark Baltic Sea.
Kalmar castle, Småland
Photo: Emmy Jonsson/Scandinav Bildbyrå/


Castles and country house estates

Discover Sweden past and present by staying in a castle or country house estate.

Throughout the Swedish countryside, you can find these stately properties in beautiful surroundings - lake or river settings, parklands and golf courses. You will be made to feel welcome in style.

Many are internationally renowned for their excellent food and wine, such as Grytthyttan's Gästgivaregård in Västmanland and Kronovalls Slott in Skåne to name a couple. You may be surprised by how reasonable the prices are. Take advantage of low weekend and summer prices, or package deals. Find out more about castles in Skåne.

Local tourist boards will be able to advise you about the availability and location of countryside hotels in their particular region.