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Lush garden with a little path outside a white building housing the Cherry Garden on Gotland.
The Cherry Garden, Gotland
Photo: Körsbärsgården

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The Cherry Garden, Gotland

The Cherry Garden is a cultural hot spot on the island of Gotland and has been popular among Swedish artists since the 1940’s.

The southern part of the island Gotland, Storsudret, has attracted Swedish artists since the 1940s. The light, reminiscent of Provence, will instantly tell a visitor why. The café Körsbärsgården, The Cherry Garden, has been a meeting point since 1947. Today, Körsbärsgården not only serves excellent refreshments, but also sports a growing sculpture garden, art exhibitions and a rich programme of poetry, music and public lectures. 

Körsbärsgården, Sundre Västergårde 135, 623 30 Burgsvik