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A boat with the text 'Smögen' driving through an archipelago with cliffs and cottages.
Smögen, West Sweden
Photo: Tina Stafrén/

Travel tips

Coast ferries

Coastal ferries are the best way to see Sweden’s islands and archipelagos.

Sweden’s coastline and archipelagos are unique and the Swedes have a particularly intimate and loving relationship with both. Both the Stockholm archipelago and the Gothenburg archipelago are easy to reach with coastal ferries. Fjäderholmarna the closest of the islands are just a 20 min. boat trip from central Stockholm.

The archipelagos embrace a wide range of ecosystems, plant and animal biotopes. The natural beauty, the distinctive cultural heritage and the variety of landscapes make them very valuable for outdoor activities and recreation. The archipelagos of Stockholm and Gothenburg are probably the most well known Swedish archipelagos but there are archipelagos from north to south. Find out more about Sweden's other archipelagos