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Colourful paper decorations are strung up, some depicting a cartoon moon.
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Crayfish party
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Things to do

Crayfish party, kräftskiva

These are pernickety-but-tasty little suckers. To meet the huge demand for them in Sweden, crayfish must be imported from China, Turkey and the US, but the prized Swedish crayfish is always deemed tastiest.

Swedish crayfish are a sought-after delicacy and you have to fight the cray fishing restrictions law as well as parasitic moulds to get your hands on them. Or just pay a lot of money in the fishmongers for them.


August and September.


At home, summer cottage.


Friends and family or work parties.

How to do it like a local:

Catch them at night as they are nocturnal creatures. Cook in brine with crown dill and eat them cold, suck like an aardvark, serve with mature Västerbotten cheese and pair with beer and schnapps.