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A man is on a morning bike ride along the water canal in Djurgården city park in Stockholm.
Canal of Djurgården, Stockholm
Photo: Werner Nystrand/Folio/

Things to do

Cycling holidays in Sweden

Sweden is a big, bike-friendly country with a well-developed network of cycle paths in and around the towns and cities and well-marked cycle routes around the country.

Cycle touring

Pannier packing cyclo-tourists will love the well-marked cycling routes here in organized Sweden; black for local district signs, green for national signs and blue for local signs. Cycling in one of Sweden’s major cities or towns? No problem – they all have extensive cycle path networks. And most local tourism centres provide maps and will happily give you tips on where to go and what to see. 

So where to go?

Well, we have this thing called freedom to roam, so you can go pretty much anywhere. Discover verdant Värmland on the 210 km-long, slinky-slanky Klarälvsbanan, or the towpath perfect Göta Kanal. For West Coast wonderment visit the West Sweden website for more details. And how about cycling in exotic Swedish Lapland? Or try Skåne and the West Coast and Kattegattleden, Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle route - a 370-km-long bicycle route in a unique coastal setting. TThe route runs all the way from Helsingborg in the south up to Gothenburg.

Mountain biking

Go extreme. Go nuts. Go north. Åre is Sweden’s biggest and maybe best winter sports resort. And when not snow-clad it is home to Åre Bike Park at Åreskutan mountain. It has ‘easy’, ‘intermediate’, ‘advanced’ and ‘expert trails’ that open in late spring/early summer. As well as brilliant runs, the Åre Bike Festival and the Sweden/Nordic Cup in Downhill in early October are just two of the many events held here. You can rent bikes too. Many of Sweden’s ski resorts have brilliant mountain bike trails, events and activities in the summer season, visit Skiing in Sweden for more details.

Cycling events

CykelVasan, which is a mountain bike race from Sälen to Mora, tracking the same route as world famous Vasaloppet cross-country ski race – except it’s on a mountain bike. So bring your bike and your endurance with you. Vätternrundan meanwhile is the biggest recreational cycling event in the world.  The event takes place around huge Lake Vättern in southern Sweden.  If you’re up to it there is a 300 km version, a 150 km version and a 100 km ladies only event. Some 20,000 cyclists from all around the world congregate in the town of Motala to take part in the main event. The atmosphere before the events is brilliant, the scenery is gorgeous and any keen cyclist will love this event.

City cycling

On the cycle paths of Sweden’s big cities you’ll come across lycra-clad speed merchants, dads transporting infants, hipsters on fixies, the occasional ‘tweedy’ and fellow cyclist going about their business on two wheels. And as we all know cycling is very cool. So, be cool and rent yourself a bicycle when you come to Sweden’s big cities.