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Minimalistic design at restaurant Daniel Berlin, Skåne, with tables and chairs in wood and leather.
Interior of restaurant Daniel Berlin, Skåne
Photo: Daniel Berlin Krog

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Daniel Berlin Krog

Besides serving outstanding food, this Michelin restaurant exhibits modern arts and crafts in order to enhance the gastronomic experience.

Two-star Michelin restaurant in the quiet hamlet of Skåne Tranås. Run by chef Daniel Berlin, this small, informal restaurant (Berlin’s parents are often called in to help) is praised for its skilled treatment of luxurious, local ingredients and a personal take on New Nordic cooking. Aside from culinary pleasures, Daniel Berlin has an ongoing collaboration with the Arts and Crafts Organisation Konsthantverkscentrum, each year presenting works by craft artists who in some way echo the philosophy of the restaurant. 

Daniel Berlin Krog, Diligensvägen 21, 273 92 Skåne Tranås