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A group of people on dog sleds are making their way through the snow during the twilight of winter in Swedish Lapland.
Dog sledding, Gällivare, Swedish Lapland
Photo: Staffan Widstrand/

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Dog sledding in Sweden

Winter adventures do not get much more real, or exotic than mushing your own team of Alaskan Huskies in the Swedish mountains, or in Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle.

A good introduction to dog sledding in Sweden are the ski resorts in the Swedish Mountains, many of which (aside from having great skiing) offer short dog sledding trips led by an instructor. It’s a great way of getting used to the sport before booking a multi-day trip with a dog sledding operator or activity centre. 

Nature doesn’t get much closer than dog sledding through the white wilderness of the Swedish Mountains; through snow-clad forests and across frozen flatlands, lakes and mountains. It will give you an appreciation of the beauty of this part of Sweden and for the Huskies pulling you. They are bred for the task and you can expect them to cover between 15 km and 40 km a day, if you are lucky you might spot reindeer, wolverine and arctic hares on your trip and if you are extraordinary lucky, the very rare Arctic Fox. If you are here in April, there is a chance you will catch the world’s biggest light show – the Northern Lights.

For multi-day trips you will be accompanied by an expert guide and usually stay in log cabins or tents along the way. Usually, all accommodation, meals and a sleeping bag are included in the price.  The guide will introduce you to your team of dogs, instruct you on how to dog sled and handle the dogs, then guide you to the best views and nature spotting opportunities. The groups are usually small, ranging from 5 to 8 people.