Edible Country, Falkenberg
Photo: Jonas Eltes and Victor Falk



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Halland has been said to resemble Sweden in miniature with varied nature that is always within reach – a striking combination of sea and forest: extensive beaches, winding forest paths, majestic seaside and rolling fields – all waiting to be discovered.

Through our forests, cliffs and meadows all the way out to the open horizon, where bathing in the sea is a must, we’ve always prioritized health and wellbeing. Perhaps it’s no surprise that we live the longest in Sweden. In Halland good food is always easy to find – produced locally, grown with love and passion, made available in an array of farm shops; sourdough bakeries and great restaurants.

Book a table and enjoy beautiful surroundings, together with friends and family. This table is right next to the sea in Ugglarp, just 20 minutes by car from Falkenberg and less than 30 minutes from Halmstad.

How it works

1.  Book your seats at the table for free. Please note that the booking is for seats at the table and local DIY recipes – no meals, chefs or table decor are included in the booking.

2.Once you’ve made a reservation you will receive an email from your local contact about the experience and how to book add-ons like a cooking kit with basic supplies, a local chef or a foraging guide, accommodation and more.

Why book add-ons? Foraging and cooking in nature is a fun and rewarding experience, but can also be a bit of a challenge. Why not book an add-on like a cooking kit or a local foraging guide? It makes it more relaxed and gives you the chance to learn more about the region and its cuisine.

Reservation is closed for now, but the Edible Country tables will be open for bookings again in 2020.

Photo: August Dellert
Sourcing truly local ingredients in the forests of Sweden - the Edible Country.
A wooden table by the sea.


Besides the fine do-it-yourself dining at The Edible Country you can experience some unique attractions in Halland. Discover this region by biking along the coast. Our famous Kattegattleden, awarded the European Cycle Route of the Year 2018, connects Helsingborg to Gothenburg. Halland’s coastline, lakes and rivers offer kite- and windsurfing, paddle-boarding and kayaking – as well as fishing of course. In Halland food and drink experiences are already worth the trip.

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A wooden table on a hill by trees, with views of a lake.


A wooden table surrounded by trees by a calm lake.
Gothenburg, West Sweden


A table placed in nature on a frozen lake with mountains in the background
Swedish Lapland


A table placed in the forest


A table placed in the countryside by a river in the forest
Jämtland Härjedalen


A table placed on a cliff in the Stockholm archipelago. The sun is shining and the sea is in the background.
Stockholm archipelago


A table placed in the forest.


A table placed in the forest in the autumn.


A table placed in the west Sweden archipelago on a cliff by the water.
West Sweden