A wooden table surrounded by trees by a calm lake.
Edible Country, Gunnebo, West Sweden
Photo: Jonas Ingman / vastsverige.com

Gothenburg, West Sweden


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Among hills, lush forests between two lakes, only 15 minutes from Gothenburg, you will find Gunnebo House and Gardens. Here you can treat yourself to a break from everyday life by tasting organic and seasonal food in the restaurant, hike in the beautiful surroundings, visit the friendly cows and listen to the unique history of Gunnebo House and Gardens dating back to 1778 during a guided tour.

Today Gunnebo is an over one hundred hectare culturally-protected nature reserve. There it’s not only the buildings and grounds that are protected, the knowledge and traditions of landscape management are protected: which includes cutting grass with scythes or by cows grazing on the meadows.

How it works

  1. Book your seats at the table for free. Please note that the booking is for seats at the table and local DIY recipes – no meals, chefs or table decor are included in the booking.
  2.  For 150 SEK/person you will get basic ingredients to complement the wild ones that you forage yourselves. 
  3.  Once you’ve made a reservation you will receive an email from your local contact about the experience and how to book add-ons like a cooking kit with basic supplies, a local chef or a foraging guide, accommodation and more

Reservation is closed for now, but the Edible Country tables will be open for bookings again in 2020.

Photo: August Dellert
Sourcing truly local ingredients in the forests of Sweden - the Edible Country.
A wooden table surrounded by trees by a calm lake.

Gothenburg & West Sweden

Besides the fine do-it-yourself dining at The Edible Country, you won’t be short of adventure in Gothenburg, West Sweden. The region has a number of nature reserves, walking paths, kayaking and cycling trails. As well as food and drink experiences in nature and the more urban delights of Gothenburg where you can find bars; a fleet of food trucks and restaurants serving world class fish and seafood from the surrounding waters, with innovative kitchens, even one of the Guide Michelin restaurants. Read more about the table, add-ons and activities in Gothenburg and West Sweden.

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A wooden table on a hill by trees, with views of a lake.


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A table placed in the forest.


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