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Minimalistically designed hotel room with a limestone factory reflected in a window at Furillen Fabriken, Gotland.
Hotel room at Fabriken Furillen, Gotland
Photo: Fabriken Furillen Hotel & Restaurant

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Fabriken Furillen Hotel & Restaurant

For a true island escape, head to the island of Gotland and check into Fabriken Furillen for a beautiful design experience in tune with nature.

The Fabriken Hotel & Restaurant are housed in a former building workshop that was once part of the limestone factory which is still left on the dramatic site. Beside the hotel rooms here, Fabriken Furillen offers two ”hermit cabins” for guests seeking complete relaxation in nature. The restaurant serves a tasting menu that changes daily, depending on what is to be found at the vegetable plot at a nearby family farm. 

Fabriken Furillen, Rute Furilden 870, 624 58 Lärbro