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Freedom to Roam

Freedom to roam
Photo: Gösta Reiland
Sweden has no Eiffel Towers. No Niagara Falls or Big Bens. Not even a little Sphinx. Sweden has something else – the freedom to roam. This is our monument.

The freedom to roam is the principle, protected by the law, that gives all people the right to roam free in nature. Sleep on mountaintops, by the lakes, in quiet forests or beautiful meadows. Take a kayak out for a spin or experience the wildlife firsthand. Pick berries and mushrooms and flowers from the ground – all completely free of charge. The only thing you have to pay, is respect for nature and the animals living there.

Learn more about the freedom to roam and find out about what you're actually allowed to do. Read about why the Swedes are tight with nature today. Or scroll down and read about what our proud supporters of the freedom to roam have to say! 

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Proud supporters of the freedom to roam

The Swedish Prime Minister presents his five favourite things to do in Swedish nature

Stefan Löfvén - Prime Minister of Sweden lists his top five things to do in the Swedish nature. It includes “throwing sandwich”. 

The Prime Minister's top five things to do in Swedish nature

”I value nature more now. I used to take it for granted."

Renata Chlumska - first Swedish woman to climb Mount Everest. Read more about this adventurer and mountain climber here.

Photo: David Elmfeldt
Renata Chlumska has an adventurer seen more of the world than most.
Photo: David Elmfeldt

"As a Swede you take the freedom to roam for granted."

Christoffer "Wisslaren" Collin - Swedish photograher who tries to catch beautifiul things with his camera. He's got 1.3 million followers on his Instagram account @wisslaren. Read more about Christoffer here.

Outdoor portrait of a man wearing a blue jacket and scarf.
Photo: Christian Gustavsson
Photo: Christian Gustavsson

”Swedes. Sometimes I think they don’t know how lucky they are.”

Natalia Brzezinski - CEO of Brilliant Minds and Symposium Stockholm. Read the full interview with Natalia here

A black-and-white portrait of a woman with long dark hair.
Photo: Niklas Nyman
Natalia Brezinski
Photo: Niklas Nyman

"I don’t think there is a Swedish child that has not built a hut during spring."

Alexander Stutterheim - founder and creative director of iconic Swedish raincoat brand Stutterheim. Read about Alexander's relation to the Swedish Freedom to Roam here.

Outdoor portrait of a man with a beret and a curved wooden cane.
Photo: Alexander Stutterheim
Photo: Alexander Stutterheim

Freedom to Roam expert Peder Curman

The Swedish freedom to roam is a right protected by the law that allows you to sleep and eat and walk pretty much wherever you want. The only thing you have to pay is respect for nature and the animals living there. Peder Curman is a guide at Tyresta National Park in Sweden and an expert in the freedom to roam.