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Sweden by air, Sverige
Photo: Matton

Travel tips

Getting around Sweden by air

The domestic airlines in Sweden offer quick, comfortable and safe transport from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north.

There are a number of airlines that, taken together, cover the majority of the country. SAS is the largest domestic operator at Sweden's major airports. Most domestic flights depart from Arlanda, north of Stockholm, where you can fly directly to virtually all of Sweden's inland airports. 

Traveling from Arlanda to Stockholm is possible either by the rapid transit Arlanda Express train, Airport buses, commuter train or taxi. You will also find most of the established car rental firms at Arlanda.

Other airports close to Stockholm are Bromma, Skavsta-Nyköping and Västerås. All these airports have airport buses and taxis.

You should check in at the airport in good time prior to your departure due to increased safety controls. Always check with your airline as to the time required before checking in. Times vary due to the amount of passengers at different times of the day. The policy for most airlines is for checking in to be completed 20 minutes prior to departure, i.e. when the gate closes. Some airlines allow passengers carrying hand baggage only to go directly to the gate. Domestic tickets are purchased either directly from the relevant airline (via sales points or via the Internet) or from travel agents.