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Photo: Melker Dahlstrand/imagebank.sweden.se

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Getting around Sweden by train

Taking the train is a fantastic way of experiencing Sweden.

Travel by train across Sweden on some of Europe’s most modern trains. First and second-class cars are available. On longer trips, couchettes and sleeping cars facilities are provided. Couchettes in second class are available on many routes, for instance Stockholm-Kiruna-Narvik (Norway).

The Swedish rail network is operated by a few major train operators; SJ, Tågkompaniet, Snälltåget and Inlandsbanan.

Long distance trains generally have a buffet car. As an extension to the railway network, buses operate on a frequent basis as a link to smaller cities and villages. These buses can be booked when you purchase your railway ticket.

 The Swedish high-speed train X 2000, travels at up to 200 km/hour (125 mph) on all major routes and offers the highest standards of comfort, with radio and music channels outlets by all seats. In full-fare business class you will be served a meal at your seat, and in second class you have access to a Bistro car, where hot or cold meals are available.