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The Gothenburg Town Hall
Photo: Krister Engström

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The Gothenburg Town Hall

The Town Hall of Gothenburg is both a historical and modern building. The original house was built in the 17th century but eventually became too small, leading to a functionalist extension by Gunnar Asplund in 1936.

In 1912 Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund presented a suggestion for how to extend the Town Hall, and his functionalist addition was completed 24 years later. Asplund has received a lot of praise, both in Sweden and internationally, for the way he blended the old and new part of the building. He did not only focus on the architectural design but put a lot of effort into the interior too. Much of the furniture was especially designed for the halls, offices and communal areas of the building. A lot of the furniture still remains, whereas some has been replaced with new items inspired by Asplund’s original design, creating a modern yet timeless look.  

The Town Hall of Gothenburg,  Gustaf Adolfs torg 1, Gothenburg