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Weather Islands fishing cottages, West Sweden
Photo: The Curious Collection

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Gothenburg and West Sweden. It’s a little bit different…

Experience the delights of West Sweden. Whether its coastal adventuring, fine-dining or simply kicking-back and relaxing, Gothenburg and West Sweden has you covered.

Easily accessible and fast becoming one of Europe’s leading foodie destinations, Gothenburg makes for the perfect getaway. Culture, shopping, nightlife will keep you busy – while the city acts as a starting point for a journey up the “best” West Coast. 

A wondrous archipelago offering something for everyone – from seafood safaris to kayak excursions – you won’t regret a trip to this genuinely unique area of natural splendour.

Everyone was so sociable, friendly and positive. We met people every day, whether it was in a café, shop, local bar or even on the tram. There is a really unique attitude there; it’s incredibly unpretentious and open.
The Curious Pear

Don’t miss:

  • Making the most of the world-class seafood the region offers by indulging in a seafood safari on The Weather Islands
  • Getting up close and personal with the indigenous wildlife by kayak on the tranquil coastal waters
  • A fika stop at Gunnebo, a grand neoclassical house and gardens built by a wealthy merchant in the 1700s, and designed by Gothenburg’s famous architect Carl Wilhelm Carlsberg
  • Exploring the pristine woodland of Orust – either by bicycle or on foot – leaving enough time for a refreshing swim!
  • Getting stuck into Fika culture! Try one of Sweden’s famed cinnamon buns at Cum Pane bakery for the authentic Fika experience
  • A trip to Liseberg amusement park where head-spinning rides, carousels and concerts are an essential part of summer
  • Feasting on seafood in Gothenburg’s “Fish Church”, or Feskekyrka food market and restaurant
  • The views across the city while taking a dip in the champagne pool in the famed Upper House