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Gunillaberg, Småland
Photo: Patrik Svedberg/Smålands Turism

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Gunillaberg, Bottnaryd

Looking for a garden oasis? With spectacular art exhibitions, beautiful gardens and animals straying the fields, the ‘flower king’ and world-renowned Scandinavian designer Tage Andersen has created a magical space at his estate Gunillaberg.

It is easy to see why Andersen is called a ‘flower king’ when approaching Gunillaberg - the garden is filled with spectacular art and impressive garden installations. In the majestic main building built in the 17th century there is more art on display, created by both Andersen himself and other Scandinavian designers. Even the furniture is beautifully designed, and the floors and ceilings are painted in interesting patterns and motifs, creating an interesting space different from the minimalism which Nordic design is generally known for. 

The huge orangery is also used as an exhibition hall and you can enjoy music and dance events here in the summer, while enjoying dinner prepared by top chefs. Gunillaberg truly is an experience for all senses.