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Restaurant Hoze, Gothenburg
Photo: Restaurang Hoze

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For an intimate fine dining experience head to Hoze. With six seats only, this minimalistic restaurant offers an ever-changing sushi menu prepared to perfection.

Chef José Cerdá serves an exclusive take on Japanese sushi under the concept of omakase which is Japanese for “It’s up to you” – meaning that you leave it up to the chef to create the best culinary experience possible.  Only the best ingredients are used at Hoze - 90% of the fish is caught in Scandinavian waters – and Cerdá is ambitiously combining interesting flavours. The chef uses careful cooking methods and develops his sushi skills by continuous trips to Japan. The six seats are placed by the sushi bar, allowing the guests to experience Cerdá’s magic on front row. As the seats are limited pre-booking is essential.  

Hoze, Stigbergsliden 17, 414 63, Gothenburg