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The restaurant Idö Skärgårdskorg, Småland
Photo: David Wall / Regionförbundet Kalmar Län

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Idö Skärgårdskrog – in the Tjust archipelago

Idö Skärgårdskrog is tucked away on the island of Idö in Tjust archipelago. The restaurant is located on a hill on this little archipelago island, and on clear days you can gaze out over miles of glittering sea while enjoying a delicious seafood lunch.

In the summer Idö Skärgårdskrog offers a popular lunch menu inspired by the flavours of the Swedish archipelago. Or why not stay for dinner and try the freshly caught fish as you watch the sun set over the sea? You can choose to sit inside in the marine themed restaurant or out on the terrace in the summer breeze. Make sure to pack your swimsuit and comfortable shoes as Idö offers great swimming opportunities and pristine nature to explore after your meal. In the summer, there are regular boats taking you between the island and Västervik in just half an hour.