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Camping by the water, Skåne
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Important information about forest fires - fire ban in Sweden

Due to the current warm weather in Sweden, there is an extreme risk of wildfires. There is a general fire ban in Sweden. For current information in English, please visit and find out more here.

Open burning prohibition order applies!

Open burning prohibition order means that you are NOT allowed to light fires, or barbecue in forests or in public areas. The ban also applies to disposable grills, prepared fireplaces and barbecue sites on public land, such as beaches, campsites and parks.

Keep in mind that it is always you who are responsible for the security and that you can be held accountable and be punished if you cause a fire or violate the ban.

Announcement to the general public:

The risk of fire will be reaching extreme levels this week. Please take responsibility and respect the fire ban! Read the announcement if you are planning a visit to Sweden this summer. Read the full announcement here (text from MSB)

The dry and hot weather is basically continuing throughout the entire country. The risk of fire will be reaching extreme levels this week. Four critical forest fires are in progress, and there is a very high risk of more, especially in the southern part of the country and in the Mälardal region. At this moment, forest fires must be fought early. A small spark can quickly spread and have serious consequences.

The situation is extremely serious. MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) urges everyone to take responsibility and follow local fire bans. 

There is a general fire ban in Sweden. Even at campfire sites it is forbidden to make a fire. The regulations are applied by the regional administration (Länsstyrelsen), so the rules vary from place to place. In some areas you are not allowed to BBQ in your garden. If you are a smoker, please do not throw away any burning cigarettes. Please use the phone number 112 only for current dangers to life and health and not for general information. Please read the following info at if you are planning to stay in the Swedish nature.