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Camping by the water, Skåne
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Important information about forest fires - fire risk in Sweden

When the weather is warm and dry, there is an increased risk of wildfires. If you're planning to stay in the Swedish nature, please look up if there are fire bans in areas you plan to visit.

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Fire risk and fire bans

Municipalities ("kommuner") and county administrative boards ("länsstyrelser") may issue fire bans. A fire ban means that you must not light fires outdoors. In order to find out if there is a fire ban in your area, check the municipality's web site. If you have questions about what is allowed as regards open fires in your area, contact the rescue services ("räddningstjänsten").  Keep track of the fire risk at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute's (SMHI) web site

At Sveriges kommuner och landsting, you will find a list of links to Sweden's 290 municipalities

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