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Restaurant Isabelle, Gothenburg
Photo: Isak Jaldenius / LIVE Reklambyrå

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Isabelle restaurant

Mid-sized platters, freshly caught seafood and French-Swedish flavours. Sound interesting? Stop by at Restaurang Isabelle, located in the heart of Gothenburg city.

Just a stone’s throw away from Avenyn, the popular main boulevard of Gothenburg, you’ll find this top-quality, intimate restaurant. Swedish seafood is combined with contemporary French flavours, served elegantly to please both your taste buds and eyes. Complete your meal with fine wines from France or USA to enhance the dinner experience. As the dishes are mid-sized you’re recommended to pick 2-4 platters, meaning you’re guaranteed several taste sensations in one meal. The restaurant is open from lunch until late and you’re welcome to just drop by.  

Restaurang Isabelle, Teatergatan 22, 41135 Gothenburg