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Vrångö island outside Gothenburg
Photo: Emil Fagander

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Island walks in the archipelago

With over 20 islands, the archipelago of Gothenburg is full of seaside gems. Head to the southernmost island of Vrångö for a tranquil walk on a car-free island.

Only 380 people live at Vrångö all year around. You’ll find a few shops, restaurants and two guesthouses on the island – and several pristine beaches and unspoiled nature. Large parts of the island are in fact a nature reserve with a diverse flora and fauna. There are two main walking paths on the island, one in the North and one in the South, which combined are approximately 8 kilometers long. The shorter path Tärnstigen is also accessible with wheelchair or pram. The paths wind through the nature reserve, with gorgeous sea views and beaches along the way. 

As the islands is car-free you can walk undisturbed, to the sound of the waves breaking against the shore or the birds singing as they circle in the sky. The island is actually great for bird-watchers, as there is a rich bird life to explore. Vrångö is also popular among beach enthusiasts and is considered one of the best islands for swimming - so pack a towel if you want to take a refreshing swim between your walks. 

Vrångö Island,  430 83 Vrångö