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Kayaking in Malmö, Skåne
Photo: Apelöga

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Kayaking in Malmö city

Why not explore Malmö from the sea? Or from one of the canals winding through the city? Kayaking is a fun way to experience the city of Malmö, and the wildlife and beaches of southern Sweden.

Book in for a three hour kayaking tour with with Ram Silwal, a local Malmö guide with 20 years of experience, where he guides you from the inner city canals out to the sea. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more experienced, you will get to learn basic paddling techniques and safety before you set off. 

You meet at Ribban Beach Camp by the popular Ribersborgs beach in central Malmö, and will paddle both through the canals in the city and out at sea. This is an excellent way to experience Malmö’s skyline from a new angle. You won’t be able miss the skyscraper Turning Torso in the Western Harbour, rising about 650 feet above the ground. 

All equipment is included, even a tasty Swedish Fika after the tour!