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Traditional red cottage, Korrö, Småland
Photo: Alexander Hall/

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Korrö Health & Gourmet Tour

Taste traditional Swedish food as you explore the idyllic 16th century village of Korrö, and the surrounding nature reserve.

The little handicraft village of Korrö dates back to the 16th century, when it was first mentioned in writing. Today it is a village of 22 traditional red wooden houses dotted around the Ronneby river. 

Korrö Restaurang & Café is a popular spot in the village, which offers Swedish cuisine such as potato pancakes and lingonberry jam. However, the restaurant also organises an appreciated Health & Gourmet tour in Korrö nature reserve. The guided tour lasts for 4-5 hours and you’ll stop at different stations in stunning surroundings to try local delicacies such as cheese, sausages, jam and fruit juices. You’ll also learn what edible ingredients you can forage yourself, and you’ll get to know more about Swedish folklore stories.