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A tale seen from above, filled with plates and a variety of small dishes, with people's hands reaching out to fill the plates.
Enjoy the Nordic cuisine with your friends in Malmö
Photo: Apelöga/Malmö Turism


Malmö – a city full of flavours

Malmö is a melting pot of nationalities, of ideas, of innovation, of creativity. It’s a vibrant city buzzing with activity. An iconic place with a focus on culture, cuisine, architecture and a vibrant social scene.

With more pubs and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in Sweden, it’s the perfect place to enjoy contemporary Scandinavia. With half the population being younger than 30, Malmö is a vibrant city with cafés and bars everywhere. 

Fabulous for Foodies

Choose between a delicious falafel for just a few euros, or a 7-course meal at a Michelin restaurant. Malmö is a great place for foodies, with four restaurants that have Michelin stars, and several more quite close. Squeeze them in during a week but don’t forget to book in advance:

Bloom in the Park – Seductive “no menu” food - Michelin Star awarded Bloom In The Park is a “No Menu” restaurant, meaning that you can’t choose what to eat. Just close your eyes and let yourself be delighted and seduced.

Restaurang Vollmers – Awarded with two Michelin Stars - Restaurang Vollmers has two Michelin stars and offers a culinary journey through local produce and unexpected combinations and techniques that bring out the very best of Skåne’s culinary heritage. 

Restaurant Sture – Malmö’s French dining destination - This ambitious restaurant markets itself as a French dining destination with fine wines and fine dining in a classic environment. 

Sav- Flickering candles and crackling fires provide a warm welcome at this charming 19th Century farmhouse on the outskirts of Malmö. The two young chefs here pick many of the ingredients and explain their surprise menu personally. 

Malmö Saluhall is the obvious destination for anyone who loves quality produce and delicious food. Here you'll find sausages hand made in a barn without electricity, plaice that is only caught when it's high tide around the small island of Ven, knives so sharp they can slice bone marrow, hand-sorted coffee beans, falafel fried in olive oil, chilled tea, Korean street food, locally grown garlic and fresh goat yoghurt. Find out more

Get on your bike

Malmö is a city for cyclists. There are cycle paths from town to everywhere. Tramp around the parks, pedal to the beach, or take a tour to the outskirts of town and further afield. You can even stay in the Oh Boy hotel, specially built for cyclists, where every room and apartment has its own cycle. 

Art and events

Malmö Live - This hotel and concert venue is one Malmö’s landmarks. Hosting world-class artists like Bob Dylan and Bryan Ferry, Malmö Live features restaurants, conference facilities, and a superb Sky Bar where you can sip your cocktail and look out over the Malmö skyline. 

Malmö Art Gallery - Malmö Konsthall is one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls for contemporary art. The light, airy architecture creates a perfect backdrop for the different exhibitions – from the classics of modern art to contemporary artists. 

Moderna museet Malmö - Moderna Museet Malmö features exhibitions of prominent contemporary artists, classics, and has a large collection of its own that provides material for its permanent collections.

Malmö festival - Malmö turns into an outdoor party every August with food stalls, concerts and funfairs taking over the centre of town. The Malmö Festival goes on for a week, featuring world renowned artists and up-and-coming acts around town. Here you can sample street food from all over the world. 

Sommarscen Malmö - Sommarscen Malmö is a free outdoor festival of performing arts that goes on for two months every summer. Concerts, performances and cinemas are presented in 40 different sites and venues, ranging between a permanent open-air theatre to temporary stages parks or urban environments.

Live green – by the blue sea - Malmö’s own beach area is alive with joggers, skaters, swimmers and events all summer. The architecture and sustainable living concepts of the Western Harbour attract visitors from all over the world. 

The corkscrew-shaped 190-metre-high Turning Torso skyscraper, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is a fascinating landmark, while the nearby Sundspromenaden throngs with local people during summer. Swim in the sea at nearby Ribersborg beach, or in the deep-water swimming area in the harbour. All while admiring the elliptic architecture of the Öresund bridge that connects Skåne with Denmark, the feature of the world-famous detective series of the same name.