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Slottsträdgården, Malmö
Photo: Helena Bergqvist

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Malmö – the city of parks

If you’re seeking beautiful places to relax in Malmö, look no further than the parks Pildammsparken and the Castle Garden. Here you’ll find lush greenery, colourful flower-beds, music events and the historical Malmöhus Castle.

Pildammsparken translates to the Willow Pond Park and the ponds here were in fact the city’s water reservoir in the 17th century, with willows planted around the ponds to strengthen their barriers. The Scandinavian designers Erstad-Jörgensen and Bülow-Hüber later transformed the reservoir into a public park. Today, visitors come to Pildammsparken for its mix of forest, green areas, ponds and, of course, its beautiful flowers. You can also play pétanque or settle down at Tallriken (The Plate), a circular meadow perfect for picnics. In the summers you’ll also find free music events in the amphitheater here!

Only a short walk away lies the Castle Garden (Slottsträdgården) – a 12 000 square meter park surrounding Malmö Castle. The park comprises numerous small ecological gardens with different themes, such as kitchen gardens, rose gardens and orchards. Don’t miss the harvest festivals, floristry workshops and other events in the summertime. Hungry? Hit the garden café serving locally sourced food, freshly baked cinnamon buns and vegan rawfood treats.