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Food market hall, Malmö Saluhall, Skåne
Photo: Miriam Preis/

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Malmö Saluhall

In a former roofless freight depot in the city centre lies the food market Malmö Saluhall – one of the city’s most popular food hubs and an excellent example of innovative Swedish architecture.

The freight depot was a roofless shell before it was transformed into Malmö’s most well-visited food market hall in 2016. Today it houses about 20 restaurateurs, shops and local food producers. You can find anything from traditional Swedish food to modern international cuisine here. There are plenty of local products you can bring home, such as hand-made sausages, artisan cheese and hand-sorted coffee beans. Don’t miss the chocolatier selling handmade Swedish chocolates which will melt in your mouth, and of course, the bakery serving cinnamon buns and other Swedish desserts.  

You can get food to go but we recommend eating in at one of the many restaurants to enjoy the industrial Scandinavian design and the excellent food.