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Marilyne Didier behind the wheel in her taxi, looking into the camera and smiling.
Marilyne Didier - The Taxi Driver


Marilyne Didier - The Taxi Driver

Marilyne Didier works as a taxi driver in Paris. She is hoping that the Swedish nature lifestyle could help her de-stress from her busy life.

Describe your stressful everyday life as a Taxi Driver in Paris

I work close to Gare du Nord in Paris where there are a lot of people, traffic jams and druggies around. Every day I meet drivers who are antisocial and unpredictable on the road, people who don't really know how to drive properly.

What do you usually do/think of to calm down in your everyday life?

I spend time with my friends and family. Every Sunday morning I also run in Parc de Sceaux, which is close to my homeplace.

What are your expectations of the stay in Sweden's nature?

I look forward to discovering a new environnement, a new landscape and new people. I also look forward to relaxing and speaking English, as well as learning more about myself and meditating.

Marilyne DidierMarilyne Didier - a taxi driver from Paris and a participant in 'the 72 Hour Cabin' Photo: Magnus Klang

The 72 Hour Cabin

"This morning when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the lake and the tall trees and I realised that I'm truly here and it's not a dream! I kept staring at it for a long period of time before finally dragging myself out of the comfy covers." - Baqer Keshwani, participant in The 72 Hour Cabin