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The historic building housing Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, seen from the water.
Exterior of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
Photo: Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum

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Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Nationalmuseum was established in 1866 and has since then been Sweden’s largest museum for art and design. Except for remarkable art, the museum offers beautiful views over the city.

After five years of re-construction, The New Nationalmuseum at Blasieholmen opened again in October 2018. Nationalmuseum is Sweden’s national museum of art and design, with great collections that contain paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints from 1500–1900, and applied arts, design and portraits from the early Middle Ages up until present day.  Other than exceptional art, don’t miss the museum restaurant which has been called Sweden’s most designed restaurant. It is decorated and furnished with works by some of Sweden’s leading designers. More than 80 products have in fact been designed especially for the restaurant, such as the chandeliers, vases, lamps, porcelain and larger items like furniture, bar counters and wall décor. However, the restaurant does not only offer outstanding design – it is led by Fredrik Eriksson, one of Sweden’s top chefs, who serves delicious food created with Swedish gastronomic craft methods.  

Nationalmuseum, Nationalmuseum, Södra Blasieholmshamnen, Stockholm