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Family time, Padjelanta National Park
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The Northern Lights dance across the skies in Arctic winter and the Midnight Sun illuminates the nights in the summer months. From the mountains of the mighty north, to the white sandy beaches of the temperate south, we have space for everyone.

The right of public access

Perhaps the first thing you should know about the great outdoors of Sweden is that you have almost total access to it because of something we call 'the right of public access' which is written into the Swedish constitution. It entitles you to roam freely and camp overnight, even on private land and you can also forage for berries and mushrooms. But you do have to treat flora, fauna and other people's property with care.  It's not a bad deal -is it?

Someone carries a basket with chanterelle mushrooms in the forest.
Photo: Clive Tompsett/
In fall the forests in Sweden are filled with muschrooms of all sorts. The Right of public access allows people to roam the woods in search of their favourite mushroom.
Gullspång, West Sweden |
Photo: Clive Tompsett/

Meet the King of the Forest

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