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Aerial of Kosterhavet National Park with the ocean and islets.
Koster – a marine national park, Kosterhavet
Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

Top list

Naturum, Kosterhavet

Located in Sweden’s first marine national park on the island of Sydkoster, Naturum by Gothenburg-based White architects, is a spectacular destination.

Surrounded by crystal clear sea, this red sea hut-inspired building, covered in a smooth Falun-red timber-panelled facade, offers exhibitions, seminars and advice on excursions including snorkelling in Sweden’s only coral reef and exploring the unique sea wildlife up-close in the aquarium. 

Make sure to make the most out of your visit, Sydkoster is also the home of Hotel Ekenäs, Koster Trädgårdar, complete with an ecological bakery, restaurant, farm shop and lush garden where vegetables and herbs are grown. But most importantly – don’t miss Sydkoster's spectacular wild nature and beaches available free of charge!