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A man stands in front of a building which has a sign reading 'Bardot' on it. There are patches of snow on the ground.
Niklas Berglind in front of Bardot in Stockholm
Photo: Christopher Hunt

Things to do

Niklas Berglind, the stylist for Sweden’s rich and famous

Niklas Berglind is the theatre personality who became the stylist for Sweden’s rich and famous. These are his favourite places to eat, drink, dance, swim – and spot the celebrities in Stockholm.

Niklas Berglind grew up in Örebro, 200 kilometres west of Stockholm, and every time his family travelled to the capital it was sunny. Somehow, he knew already then that this was where he would live. Partly for the sun, but mostly because everything he was passionate about – dance, theatre, fashion – wasn’t really catered for in Örebro.

Nowadays he sees Stockholm, and its sometimes not-so-sunny weather, with more grown-up eyes, but loves just how “urban and inclusive” Stockholm is. That nobody bats an eyelid that he lives with another man, that generally there is openness to most things that break the norm.

After ballet academy in Gothenburg, Niklas moved to the capital as a twenty-year-old, got a job in the theatre in no time, and spent the next 10 years dancing and singing on the biggest stages in Sweden. Until one evening, while taking a bow, he caught himself simultaneously wondering what he was going to buy at the supermarket. It was time to move on. 

Niklas started working in a fashion boutique and at the same time, got the chance to be a columnist for the leading gay magazine QX. Five years since his career took a new turn, Niklas Berglind is now a fashion expert on TV4 (one of Sweden’s largest TV channels), a fashion personality for the free newspaper Metro, and not least, the person all of Sweden’s rich and famous wish they had on speed-dial for when they need personal styling before galas and parties.

Fredhälls cliffs

“Many Stockholmers love the fact that you can go bathing right in the centre of the city. But there is one place that is better than all the rest. Fredhälls cliffs! It’s simple to get there, the view is urban and beautiful over the Essinge islands, you don’t get covered in sand, and you can go to Solstugan for a lovely lunch after your dip.

Restaurant Bardot

“If Riche and Teatergrillen have previously been the best eateries for star-spotting, their neighbour, Bardot, has now taken over. Stepping in to this place is like stepping directly into an episode of the TV show The Sopranos. The food is a lovely crossover between Italian and French (try the veal schnitzel!), and the service is fantastic. I eat here as often as I can, not least for checking out music and media stars, and the odd hipster from Södermalm. 

Taverna Brillo

This is my absolute favourite local hangout. I live fairly close by and often drink my morning coffee here, love to have meetings during the day, or eat lunch or dinner in one of the sofas. If it’s celebrity spotting you’re after, you should come at around 3pm on Saturdays, when people come either for a hangover pizza – Brillos whitefish roe pizza is a modern classic – or to warm up for the evening’s adventure.


“For those wanting to up the tempo and stay out all night, the absolute best night club at the moment is Backdoor, a gay-friendly but mixed club near Globen. It has different themes every week, several different dance floors with hard techno on one and R&B on the other. They sometimes have art exhibitions too. A tip: don’t come before midnight, but stay until it closes at 5am.