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The Nordic Watercolour Museum, West Sweden
Photo: © Anders Arena

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The Nordic Watercolour Museum

The Nordic Watercolour Museum isn’t your ordinary museum. Guests are invited to combine art tours with a swim in the sea, painting in the open studio or have local seafood at the museum restaurant Vatten.

The Nordic Watercolour Museum is located right by the water edge in Skärhamn, about an hour’s drive away from Gothenburg. The museum offers both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, but all art is created with watercolour. The goal of the museum is to study watercolour from a contemporary point of view and to spread understanding of how artists use water and pigment to create art. The Nordic Watercolour Museum opened its doors in 2000 and has since then purchased works of more than 100 Nordic artists. But there are also exhibitions from other parts of the world, interesting lectures to listen to and now and then even a concert to enjoy.  

Interested in improving your own artistic skills? Sign up for a painting class led by an artist. Or freestyle for a while in the open studio before visiting the museum restaurant Vatten. The restaurant offers breathtaking sea views and succulent seafood caught in the surrounding sea. 

The Nordic Watercolour Museum, Södra Hamnen 6, 471 32 Skärhamn