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Two open boats lie next to a lake covered in snow under a starry sky with some northern lights.
Silent November night in the village Holmajärvi, Kiruna.
Photo: Mia Stålnacke @angrytheinch


Northern Lights by Mia

Follow photographer Mia Stålnacke on Instagram for more spectacular views of Aurora Borealis.

Mia is an expert on how to photograph northern lights and has done so for years. Her talent has gained her a lot of followers on Instagram, getting her pictures published in National Geographic as well as an interview in Forbes magazine.

See more on Instagram: @angrytheinch

Dynamic Aurora, taken on a freezing cold January night with bright moonlight creating stunning shadows.Laponie suédoise Photo: Mia Stålnacke @angrytheinch

Winter skyFor more Northern lights follow @angrytheinch on Instagram. Photo: Mia Stålnacke @angrytheinch

Amazingly bright autumn aurora in the village pirttivuopio in Kiruna. Dancing lights in purple and green. Dancing lights in purple and green. Visit the Instagram of Mia Stålnacke to see more: @angrytheinch Photo: Mia Stålnacke @angrytheinch

See more on Instagram | @angrytheinch