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Sami Lapland, Swedish Lapland
Photo: Staffan Widstrand/imagebank.sweden.se


Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden and Swedish Lapland are unique. There is nowhere else in the world where you can visit the ICEHOTEL and Treehotel. Or sit around the campfire with a Sami guide, sharing stories of the day’s dog sledding adventure.
Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

The Aurora Sky Station in the Abisko National Park is purpose-built for viewing the greatest light show on Earth – the Northern Lights. And because of its practically permanent cloud-free skies there’s no better place to see them. In the height of summer, it’s non-stop daylight here. Ski all the way into summer at the exotically remote Riksgränsen. Cool places to see the Northern Lights

Lapporten, Swedish Lapland
Lapporten, Swedish Lapland
Lapporten, Swedish Lapland
The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, is a natural light display that is frequent during the winter months in northern Sweden.
Photo: Hjalmar Andersson/imagebank.sweden.se
Hiking and skiing

In summertime go fly-fishing for salmon and arctic char, or lace up your hiking boots and tackle the world-famous  King's Trail (Kungsleden).

For unique flora and fauna head for the Jämtland Härjedalen region. In addition to the clean air, it is well known for its accessible wilderness, superb homemade foods and its five clearly defined seasons.

Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden. It has two peaks out of wich the South peak is the highest. 2102 amsl.
Photo: Fredrik Broman/imagebank.sweden.se

Northern Lights - The greatest light show on earth

Even though we know why the Northern Lights appear, they are no less magical or mystical for it.

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What to see in Northern Sweden