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A field of flowers at dusk, with a traditional red cottage and forest in the background.
Red cabin, Finnerödja
Photo: Jonas Forsberg/Folio/

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One Shared Dream

It can seem like every Swede has a summer home, but in fact it’s only 51% that has access to one. However, it’s important to add that the remaining 49% dream of having one.

Because this is a dream that combines two of our strongest character traits: the yearning for a lost childhood and an insatiable desire for solitude, for getting away from everyone else. We have to get far away, in thought if not in distance.

Does that mean that we’re antisocial? No – and we’re also extremely good at benefiting from that solitude. You could even say that we need it. To recharge our batteries, to achieve distance from our everyday worries and work our way back to a balanced view of existence. It is only by immersing themselves in their own sorrow and despair that a genuine Swede can cope with the prospect of yet another gloomy year at work.

Next to a lake with lush forest around, there's a traditional red cottage and a small red guest house.

Swedish Cabin Fever

Us Swedes are a strange lot. We enjoy feeling a bit miserable. This isn’t necessarily painful; instead it’s often more a bittersweet sensation of homecoming.