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Artwork forming a church made of rust-coloured grid, placed on a hill in Kumla, central Sweden.
A Pile of Art sculpture park, Kumla
Photo: Visit Kumla

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A Pile of Art, Kumla

A Pile of Art is exactly what the name indicates. Beautifully located on a hill, this sculpture park showcases some thirty sculptures with widespread forest, meadow and lakes as backdrops.

Rising 100 meters above the plains outside the town of Kumla, the Kvarntorp Pile is hard to miss. The manmade hill consists of ash remains from the shale oil recovery that took place here 1940–1966. It might sound like an unlikely place for art – nonetheless, this is one of Sweden’s most outstanding sculpture areas. Every year a new work is added to the 30 that are already spread out atop the pile. 

Kvarntorpshögen, Kvarntorp 251, 692 92 Kumla