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A walk in the rain
Photo: Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

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Romantic weekend in Skåne and Malmö

Honeymoon, silver wedding or simply a romantic trip for two? Skåne in the south of Sweden has a lot to offer those in looking for a special and memorable moment.

Here is a list of some of our romantic recommendations. 

Western HarbourThe so called Western harbour in Malmö was turned into a residential area when the industries here ceased their operations. In 2001 a residential expo was held in the area and that resulted in the varied types of architecture that can be found in the area. There is also a marina for the residents and visiting boats. Photo: Justin Brown/imagebank.sweden.se

Sunset tango in Västra Hamnen 

Show off your best dance moves right by the sea. In Malmö, seaside tango soirées under the open sky are regularly arranged in the most newly-built part of town known as Västra Hamnen - Western Harbour. When your done dancing you can either cool down with a dip in the sea or with some ice cream from the cafés that line the dock. 

Tandem bicycling on the island of Ven

The small and idyllic island of Ven is located right in the middle of Öresund, in between Skåne and Denmark. Ven has been a classic biking destination among locals for decades. Rent a tandem bike for the maximal romantic experience and enjoy the cosy villages, quaint cottages, hills, meadows and dramatic cliffs that drop straight into the sea. If you arrive by boat from Landskrona you can simply follow the stream of people up the hill and you will easily spot the bike rental facility with the characteristic yellow bicycles.

Row, row, row your boat…

The castle of Svaneholm is located in a beautiful park by the lake Svaneholmssjön outside the small town of Skurup in southern Skåne. For a Jane Austen-esque romantic vibe, rent a rowing boat to either go fishing in the lake or to just glide peacefully through the water, admiring the beautiful surroundings and the old castle. Finish your day with coffee in the castle café. www.svaneholm.com (in Swedish)

See Skåne from a hot air balloon

Swedish countrysideA treeline dividing yellow rapeseed fields, a typical landscape scene from Sweden’s southernmost province Skåne (or Scania). Photo: Jerker Andersson/imagebank.sweden.se

Why not go Jules Verne for a couple of hours and take to the skies with your loved one? Watching the diverse landscape of Skåne from a hot air balloon is a thrilling experience and there are a number of companies arranging these fairytale-like trips, perfect for love-vires longing to fly. www.ballongaventyr.sewww.ballongflygisyd.se (in Swedish)

Hallongården - raspberries and romance

What could be more lovely than a rasperry farm? What was once a pig’s farm, has today been turned into a true mecca for berry-lovers where you can pick your own raspberries, have coffee and raspberry-pastries in the raspberry-café and shop jams and marmalades in the small farm boutique. Hallongården means, as you might have guessed already, The Raspberry Farm, and it is located in between the cities of Malmö and Trelleborg in southern Skåne. www.hallongarden.com

Pottery for two

Are you a creative couple? Then maybe pottery-making would be right up your street? At Wallåkra Pottery Factory you can book guided pottery sessions where you get to try the craft for real in beautiful and inspiring surroundings. The pottery is located in an old stonehouse in the middle of a nature reserve, and you will also find a restaurant serving delicious food and a pottery shop on site. www.wallakra.com

Rural romance on an old Scanian farm

FarmhouseA typical farmhouse for the region of Skåne. It is called “skånelänga” and is a type of half-timbre house more common in other parts of Europe. Photo: Conny Fridh/imagebank.sweden.se

Located in the southeast of Skåne you will find Idala Gård, a picturesque whitewashed old farm in the midst of flowering fields and meadows. With a history dating as far back as 1858 and originally built for agricultural purposes, today this is an incredibly romantic setting comprising a gourmet restaurant and 12 tastefully decorated rooms for guests who wish to spend the night. www.idalagard.se (in Swedish).

Where to stay

A castle with a pool and a view

Örenäs Castle is located 15 kilometers south of the city of Helsingborg, overlooking the waters that separate Skåne from Denmark and with a beautiful view of the small island of Ven. Built in 1918, it is Sweden's youngest castle and it houses a restaurant and a hotel with almost 100 rooms. This is a great castle to visit as a couple, featuring an outdoor pool, a restaurant with an ambitious kitchen that serves traditional Scanian cuisine and a delicious and generous Sunday’s brunch buffet. www.orenasslott.com 

A renaissance castle right by the lake

Beautifully located by the lake Häckebergasjön, in close proximity of the university town of Lund, this renaissance castle offers an effective and fairytale-like break from ordinary life. Well-known Swedish botanist, Carl von Linnaeus, who visited Häckeberga in the 16th century described it as the most beautiful castle he had encountered in Skåne. Today, the red and white castle with its green copper roof houses a hotel and a gourmet restaurant, where the chefs fuse traditional Scanian food tradition with trends of the moment, using locally produced ingredients of the season. The wine list is extensive and the accommodation in the spacious rooms is comfortable and luxurious. www.hackebargaslott.se