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Vegetarian meal at Rutabaga, Stockholm
Photo: Lennart Weibull

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It is not every day that a chef with multiple Michelin stars and four Swedish Chef of the Year titles opens a restaurant specialising exclusively in lacto-ovo-vegetarian cuisine, but that is exactly with Mathias Dahlgren has done at Rutabaga.

Rutabaga is one of two Dahlgren-run restaurants set inside the magnificent Stockholm Grand Hotel. Named after rutabaga swede, a native-Swedish root vegetable that is like a cross between a cabbage and a turnip, the restaurant is dedicated entirely to building the chef’s vision of future cuisine featuring world-class vegetarian dishes. 

Expect a laid-back, vibrant atmosphere and an innovative menu featuring dishes such as wild mushrooms with smoked egg and sour cream and ceviche of avocado and jalapeño.