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Tall sauna in gray made of recycables, standing on a platform above the water in Frihamnen, Gothenburg.
Sauna in Frihamnen, Gothenburg
Photo: Beatrice Törnros/Göteborg & Co

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The Sauna in Frihamnen, Gothenburg

Cool down in the pool or heat up in the sauna in Frihamnen, Gothenburg, as you witness how the former industrial port is transformed into one of the hippest areas on the West Coast.

In the midst of the old containers and cranes of Frihamnen at Hisingen, across the city center at the opposite bank of river Göta älv, a whole new area is emerging. Jubileumsparken will be finished in 2021, but already features a public swimming pool and one of Sweden's most spectacular saunas. The sauna, created by German architect collective Raumlabor Berlin, is in large parts constructed from recycled material. The changing rooms, for instance, were made from 12,000 recycled bottles.

Bastun i Frihamnen, Frihamnen 7, 417 55 Göteborg