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Form/Design Center in Malmö
Photo: Johan Kalén

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Scandinavian design at Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center is located in an old granary dating back to the 16th century. With a wide perspective and an inclusive approach, this center is a mecca for anyone interested in Scandinavian design and architecture.

Every year, about 20 exhibitions are organised at the center, highlighting interesting aspects of Scandinavian design and architecture. The three story granary comprises in-depth exhibitions and shorter explorations into design-related topics. Form/Design Center has a broad perspective on design, highlighting anything from industrial design to handicraft and fashion. The center regularly organises debates, workshops and lectures where the public, designers, scientists and the industry can come together to discuss the Swedish design scene.

Once you’ve browsed the exhibitions, pop by the café which has an extensive collection of magazines free to read, and of course plenty of Swedish Fika. And don’t miss the shop where you can find classic Swedish design items to bring home.