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Shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23, Gothenburg
Photo: Dino Soldin/ Göteborg & Co/

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Shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23

Looking for dinner with a view? Look no further than Heaven 23. As the name indicates, this top-quality restaurant offers heavenly food at the 23rd floor.

Heaven 23 serves seasonal food with balanced Nordic flavours, cooked with love and dedication. You’ll find many interesting dishes on the menu containing classic Swedish ingredients. But after all, Heaven 23’s most well-known dish is probably their King Size Deluxe Shrimp sandwich – served with a generous amount of shrimp on a freshly baked rye bread, with mayonnaise, a perfectly cooked egg, crisp salad and vendace roe. 

The shrimp sandwich, or räkmacka as we call it in Sweden, is a must-try when you are in Gothenburg. The sandwich has been a best seller since the restaurant opened about 25 years ago, with more than 2 million sandwiches sold! Complete your shrimp sandwich with a wine carefully selected by one of the restaurants sommeliers - Heaven 23 has got one of the Nordic’s absolute best selections of Austrian wines.  

Heaven 23, Mässans gata 24, Gothenburg