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Hot air balloon, Småland
Photo: Patrik Svedberg/



Småland is one of Sweden's larger provinces. A region famous for its beautiful countryside, cute red cottages, glass and furniture design, IKEA and traditional food. Heard of Astrid Lindgren? One of many famous people from Småland.
  • Some very famous people are from Småland, for example author Astrid Lindgren, Ingvar Kamprad who founded IKEA and furniture designer Bruno Mathsson
  • There are three national dishes from Småland. Have you ever heard of 'ostkaka', 'isterband' and 'lingonsylt'?
  •  A Polkagris, or Polka pig, can be found in Gränna, and is traditionally a red and while rock candy stick 
  • Sweden's 30th National Park has recently opened in Småland. Åsnen offers a unique lake archipelago with a 700 km shoreline and more than a thousand islands.